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Jacob and Jason (from Son of a Preacher Man…a novella)

Rewriting this story for the 50-11th time. Here is an excerpt from a confrontation between father and son. Occasionally I think I’ll drop bits on here. Let me know what ya think.

“Jacob. In my office.  Now.”  

“As soon as I take these invoices to accounting.” Jacob planned to put whatever conversation this was with his father off as long as possible. 

“Now. Do you not know what now means, boy?”

“Ugh, yes, sir. Right now sir.”

“Close the door and lock it.”

“Yes, sir.”  Jason lumbered by the door.

“Sit down.” Jason nodded toward a chair in front of his desk. 

Jacob rolled his mind’s eye but did as he was told. 

“Do you think I’m a fool?”

“No, sir.”

“Your actions dictate otherwise.”

“What actions would those be, sir?”

“Don’t play me.  You know exactly what actions I am talking about.”

“That would be impossible, sir.  I do so many things that meet with your disapproval, sir.”

“So, it’s your goal today to make my eyes roll clean outta my head.  I need a drink dealing with you and your ungrateful siblings.  The whole motley crew of you have lost your minds.  I got Micah having babies with any tramp with a pulse. Angel getting her second divorce.  Mandy thinks she is turning into a boy.  God don’t make mistakes Jacob.  Mandy is a girl and that’s that.  Let me breathe.  This is about you.  You and that grown, excuse my language, ass, married harlot you carrying on with.  Well, what do you have to say for yourself?”

“I…I’m not sure.  Was that a question or….” Jacob could keep this going all day. He didn’t know how much his father knew, so he didn’t want to volunteer information. 

“Cute.  Don’t be cute.  I’m disappointed in you son.  When your momma told me about this little crush and flirtation between the two of you, I thought, well, it’s harmless enough.  He knows better than to take up with a married lady over a decade older than him.  He knows how important the reputation of the family is in the community.  That’s why I sent you to Texas to look after your older brother and his issues.  You are the calm one, Jacob. The level headed one.  The one I never had to worry about.  You disappoint me, son.”  

Jacob thought he heard the old man’s voice crack. “Dad, I – ,” he started but was cut off by his father. 

“You what?  You thought you would just run around and be as trifling as your siblings or half this damn congregation?  You what?”


“Out with it!  You what?  I’m waiting.”    He continued while standing, hands angled on his hips, right foot tapping and temple veins bulging.  

They both turned as the twisting of the door knob followed by short rapid succession knocking shattered the tension in the room like a priceless vase meeting with a reckless two year old.  

“Jason?  I need to speak with you.”   The sound of his mother’s voice sounded like the sweet music of salvation.  She had questioned him about Melanie but was at least tactful about it.  Clearly his father’s approach was anything but. 

Jacob looked at his father, then at the door.  Before his father could stop him, he rose, opened the door, politely said excuse me and brushed past his mother.  The hall of the administration building seem to grow longer and narrower with each step he took.  The pious air choked out any reassuring breath he could find.

Son of a Preacher Man is the story of a May-December romance that shakes a congregation and a family to it’s core. Jacob Alexander falls for a much older, married woman, Melanie. The age difference along with her relationship status causes the unlikely couple trouble and drives a deeper wedge between Jacob and his family.