Creative Fiction

Bubble Rhythm

Bubble gum colored sneakers with laces that glimmered in the lowering sun struck the sidewalk in a heartbeat rhythm. Ribbons and soft curls bounced like a rabbit hopping through a cool field. Her arms and legs worked as pistons in a faster than fast race car. She was careful to watch the level of light leaving the air around her. The singing of crickets and the conversations of frogs soon filled the space between her ears and the outside world. As the propeller movement of the ropes provided a buffer to keep the sting of the blood seekers away from her limbs, the dreaded buzz of something far more sinister stung her ears. Experience had taught her, had ingrained into all of their souls that stopping now to start the mad dash was critical. But, not being disciplined enough to head the warning, she continued. They all continued. Like the explosion of a summer time firecracker, the street light burst out from the lamp and they scattered like dust particles in the beams. She made her way up the stoop steps, barely in time. (October 2019)


It moved over Elsa like leaves floating vertically after a fresh rain.  She stirred slightly feeling a familiar caress. She could see him through the misty thick air near that tree by the pond.  If she could see him, how could he be touching her. She sleepily rolling over onto her restless belly. She felt the need to run stirring deep inside her, but to where and why she didn’t quite know.  Gliding over the dew stained grass while getting tickled by the daisy buds, Elsa moved swiftly toward his shoulder, she yearned to touch him. As she reached out, a dagger of ice cold wind shot through her arm.  He turned but his face was not his own. A deep swirl of dark nothingness lay under his hairline to his neck. Elsa jumped back but could not keep her eyes off of the expanse. Her left hand steadied her against the gnarled oak while her right reached toward what should have been a cheek but was engulfed in the darkness.  There seemed to be no end to the void Her hand reached back further through what had to be the base of his skull and disappeared up past her elbow. The frostiness of the barren space startled her. Eyelids popping open like jack-in-the-box jesters, she gasped and knocked his urn over. (May 2019)

Where Were You Last Night

“Where were you last night” Denay asked not expecting the truth.  Dawn was breaking as she tried to hide the sarcastic tone and look of agitation on her face.  

Marcus stared up at all 6 foot 3 of his mother and felt more like a five year old than a fifteen year old.

“You don’t need to know,”  he had summoned courage from the depths of his feet and pushed out the words hastily as he tried to move past her to retreat up the stairs.  She blocked him with her forearm and a look that dared him to take another step.

“Boy, you will answer my question or get out of my house.”  

Rolling his eyes he huffed and under his breath said “Grandma’s house”  

Denay wasn’t sure if it was the sting or the sound that hurt worse from the open-handed slap she laid across his cheek.  A single tear escaped his left eye as an unfamiliar man’s voice called his mother back to bed from the top of the staircase.

“You need to learn your place in this world boy. I gotta get back  to work. Ain’t nobody got time for your foolishness” Denay turned and lumbered back up the stairs.  

Marcus’ eyes followed her as the shadows of the house swallowed her whole.  He grabbed her car keys off the hook by the door and slammed it on the way out.  (June 2019)


Her wings brushed the thick branches as her worn body struggled to land in the clearing. Labored breath came out in cool puffs and surrounded her.  The gashes caused by his arrows cried hot red tears. He broke through the brush and stood with quiver and bow at the ready.
(July 2019)

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