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About A-Jae Woodberry

Angelina (A-Jae) Woodberry is a Bay area born storyteller that draws upon the experience of life to colour her fiction. The award-winning author has published short stories, poems, academic and personal reflective essays in several literary journals over the past two decades. A children’s play she wrote was performed by a local theater company. She has also served as editor on various educational texts. A-Jae lives in Sacramento with her husband and two teenage children.

It’s A Girl!?!

Surgical lights flooded the room casting shadows of two doctors, two nurses, and my husband.  Flat on my back looking up toward the heavens, my heart prayed for her to be alright. The doctor relayed a play by play like … Continue reading

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To Get An Answer

When we last left our heroine, she was waiting. Waiting, waiting, waiting. Like the breaking of the dawn, the little pink line slowly worked its way across the window.  The first line, indicating that the test was working was a … Continue reading

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Three Long Ass Minutes

When I started this blog, I set a goal for myself to post every Thursday and Sunday.  The best of intentions get sidetracked by the rest of life. That’s what happened when I was told that I could not conceive … Continue reading

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When you try to not see something, that’s when you see it everywhere.  I wanted a baby, but couldn’t have one and started seeing babies everywhere.  Stork covered cards with good wishes were passed around work in plain manilla folders … Continue reading

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I always felt that I was different somehow.  I just wasn’t really sure how. As my body morphed from prepubescent to adolescence, my doctor had no problem defining the difference.  The telltale signs of irregular menstrual cycles and stray strands … Continue reading

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Getting Started

I am usually very good at getting a conversation started.  The exception is when I have honestly don’t know how to begin, where to start or what to open with.  Essentially, I got nothin’.  All I know for sure is … Continue reading

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